La Mitzvah \mits-va\ n. 1. A socially and spiritually imperative act which positively contributes to all that is universally good. 2. The good deed.

La Mitzvah is an activist collective dedicated to confronting social, environmental and economic injustice with nonviolent direct action, art, humor, and spontaneity. Our mission is to capture the imaginations of our communities and to inspire people to work for positive change.

Envisioned and accomplished campaigns include:
• Turn off TV (or we'll turn it off for you) week (Adbusters)
• Reclaim your independence day: flag sewing extravaganza Adbusters style.
• Critical Gas Action: Fart-in at Starbucks
• GM-only catering company ad campaign
• Wage Peace poster and bumper sticker campaign
• Fossils against fossil fuels (bike-riding veloca raptors eat SUVs)
• The Hootzbah Calientes - The World's Premier Mariachi Klesmer Band (as far as we know)